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We are driven by people. We use technology to advance your development and create an improved work environment. We call that transformation.

embracing transformation for business longevity

Together, we tackle the challenges of your transformation, minimize risks, and ensure the success of your company in an ever-changing world. It is no longer a matter of choice but a strategic necessity for growth and success. Digital transformation enables you to stay ahead of the time, meet changing customer expectations, and drive innovation. In addition, companies can increase operational efficiency, streamline processes, and use data-driven insights for better decision-making.

Transformation empowers your organization to provide personalized and seamless customer experiences, thus promoting loyalty and satisfaction. Furthermore, in a world where technology rapidly transforms nearly every industry, digital transformation ensures that companies remain relevant and adaptable, capable of flexibly handling uncertainties.

By embarking on this transformative journey, companies position themselves for sustainable growth, broader market reach, and a competitive advantage in the digital age.


challenges to face


76% of customers lack an overview of all digital initiatives and their contributions to the company's value.


83% struggle to implement and scale digital services into production.


71% are concerned that they will not succeed in a comprehensive transformation of their workforce and organization.


91% of customers admit that they do not fully understand the risks of digitalization and are inadequately managing them.

“Transformation isn't just about adopting new technologies; it's about embracing a mindset of innovation and continuous improvement.”

Bruno Bortolato | Managing Partner

areas of expertise

intelligent solutions with plenum’s methodology

With the unique Plenum methodology, we are able to shorten the assessment period for faster decision-making, avoid distortions of competition and shift risks. Our agile work methods allow us to decrease the overall project duration by 30% compared with traditional approaches. 
Our method, developed through years of using agile project management systems, is based on 4 main pillars which are: 
Discover - Explore - Realize – Deploy 

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