customer management & operations

customer management in a displacement market

Insurance companies face cut-throat competition while the overall market barely grows. What is even more important than customer acquisition is to take good care of existing customers and to expand the portfolio of high-value customers. On the other hand, today's customers expect the same service mentality from their insurer as they do in other areas when buying products or services. Most insurance companies have not yet developed a sound understanding of their customers and their behaviour.


rethink services 

While service departments exist in virtually all companies, they differ greatly in terms of maturity. Focusing on their customers enables insurance companies to get to know them better and to generate growth from within. A holistic approach strengthens customer loyalty and keeps fintechs and third-party providers at bay. Strengthen your service department with plenum as a second strong point of contact with the customer in addition to sales.


plenum analyses and strengthens the entire value chain of the customer management and operations of an insurer.

Customers, who are now influenced by Google and Amazon, also expect insurance companies to provide services tailored to them and their needs. plenum provides you with strategic answers to topics such as customer loyalty, customer experience and customer segmentation. We offer advice on both the implementation of these strategic goals and on the architectural and practical issues involved in selecting a new, high-performance and flexible IT platform.

Large-scale transformation projects to restructure customer services and operations are a challenge for every insurer. Only by combining the skills and expertise of sales, specialist departments and IT can such projects be brought to a successful conclusion. plenum can look back on a long history of very successful projects in this area, particularly when it comes to combining the core value-adding segments of an insurance company.

One-size-fits-all solutions to contact with all kinds of customers are no longer in keeping with the times. Customer behaviour and value can be more effectively determined with the help of Smart and Big Data. The customer receives the solution that is the best fit. This benefits both the customer and the insurer. plenum offers a number of features, including its own tried-and-tested customer value model.

Digitalisation and automation in customer management are core competencies of plenum. We optimise and digitalise entire process chains. Whether digitising your processes with third parties via BiPRO standards or expanding internal black box processing, plenum strengthens your competitiveness.

Customers generally do not view the purchase of an insurance product in a positive light. By skilfully guiding and informing your customers, this experience can be greatly improved. Our experience in other sectors such as credit institutions and the energy industry can help you to create a better customer experience, both online and offline.