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The industry is facing major challenges - we navigate you through digital and regulatory challenges in a highly competitive environment.

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The financial industry is in a state of upheaval. Increasing regulatory requirements as well as high innovation and competitive pressure in the course of ongoing digitalisation are challenging the decision-makers of financial institutions. In addition to an implementation-oriented organisation, a clear, customer-focused business model and a concrete, operationalised strategy are needed to shape the required transformation.


For more than 30 years, plenum has worked alongside the financial industry as a consulting partner with a strong implementation track record. We assist financial institutions from all three pillars of the financial sector. Our focus is on medium-sized financial and specialist institutions.

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With our focus on the interface between business and IT, which is the key factor for success in a digitalised financial industry, our consulting services always prove highly effective in helping you to reach your implementation goals. Drawing on our best practice experience gained over many years, we work with our clients to successfully find answers to the current challenges of digitalisation and regulation and transform them into operational and quantifiable results all the way down to the IT organisation. Our focus on selected banking topics at the crossroads of digitalisation, regulation and efficiency (process advisory) helps us to interact with the experts of client organisations on an equal footing at all times.


after the crisis is before the crisis

The time has come to actively realign business models with customers and to make positive use of the regulatory framework.

market consolidation

The number of credit institutions has not decreased significantly since 2009.

degree of digitalisation

Two thirds of financial institutions consider themselves to be highly digitalised.

need for digitalisation

A quarter of all banks see considerable scope for improving the digitalisation of their processes.

digital impact

The majority of financial institutions have incorporated digitalisation as a key element of their strategy and consider it to have a strong impact on their business model.


In the financial industry, we focus on selected specialist areas and key change drivers at the interface of business and IT.


The challenges of bank management are continuously driven by new and increasingly detailed regulatory requirements, but also by more dynamic business models and a volatile external environment. We support you in designing your business and risk strategies and derive the appropriate KPIs for measuring, managing and communicating business risks, without losing sight of the goal of an integrated financial and data architecture.


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The loan business represents a major source of earnings for the financial sector. Continuously evolving market conditions call for permanent monitoring and an adaptation of value-creation processes. This is our field of expertise: sales, product management, credit risk management, process design (incl. sourcing), receivables management and work out as well as the selection and introduction of IT systems are our core competencies.


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Altered customer behaviour and regulatory requirements are increasing the cost pressure in the securities business. Efficiency and automation measures are one solution to improving internal structures. Focusing your value creation on selected parts of the process and actively involving specialised partners opens up additional potential.


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Digitalisation is ubiquitous in the financial industry. Banking strategists deal with fintechs, bigtechs, open banking, neobanks and the like on a daily basis. Nevertheless, digital transformation is not always straightforward. The challenge is to overcome legacy structures in the IT and data architecture, within the organisation and, last but not least, in our minds. Together, we will find creative solutions to pragmatically overcome the barriers to transformation.


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Even after years of optimisation, STP rates in the financial sector still fall short of their full potential in some areas. Silo structures, fragmented system landscapes, process and media disruptions are commonplace. Through the systematic use of proven methods such as CIP and Six Sigma in combination with modern technologies and services (RPA, microservices), we can enter new spheres of efficiency together.


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