loan business

The loan business represents a major source of earnings for the financial sector. Continuously evolving market conditions call for permanent monitoring and an adaptation of value-creation processes.

plenum in the loan business


The loan business is our field of expertise: sales, product management, credit risk management, process design (incl. sourcing), receivables management and work out as well as the selection and introduction of IT systems are our core competencies.


Pressure in terms of margins, costs and competition in the loan business is enormous and poses great challenges for the credit industry. The loan business is no exception when it comes to digitalisation. The market for internet intermediaries is continuously expanding at the expense of traditional physical branches. This places permanent pressure on credit institutions to monitor and optimise their organisational structures and processes as well as the interfaces along their value chains.

The loan business forms an elementary part of the retail and wholesale business of the financial services industry. Interest income has a significant influence on the operating results of credit institutions. Changes in business and IT are imperative in order to fulfil market requirements and to stabilise the earnings situation.



According to a study carried out by plenum AG, 46 % of respondents consider the degree of standardisation in the loan business to be average. Only 7 % report a high degree of standardisation. Application processing and the subsequent loan decision are considered to have the greatest need for standardisation. This is followed by a high need for standardisation in sales, loan finalisation and risk monitoring. 

impact analysis

What is the hidden potential of your lending processes? In our impact analysis, we use questionnaires to identify your optimisation potential and provide orientation.

digitalisation of lending processes

How digital are your lending processes? We realign your lending processes in the age of digitalisation - from the perspective of your customers.

robotics in the lending process

Can robots help in the lending process? We can tell you where and how.

know-your-customer (kyc)

Borrower units and the formation of groups of connected customers: your lending processes are not exempt from regulation. We advise you on the regulatory requirement framework while always keeping an eye on regtech.

the need for change is inevitable

The question ist not whether changes need to be made in the lending process, but when. The aim is to avoid surprises and to prepare in good time. 

areas of competence


This is where our expertise lies!


retail loan business

The digital race has only just begun, yet speed and efficiency are increasingly becoming key factors for success. The biggest lever here is digitalisation.

corporate loan business

Compared to retail banking, there is still enormous potential in corporate banking for process optimisation (e.g. KYC), but also for the development of new, digital solution offerings.

sustainable loan business

Sustainability is on everyone's lips. The supervisory authorities establish a multidimensional vision of sustainability throughout the entire lending process - are you aware of the effects this has on your loan business?

open banking

Digitalisation and the associated work in ecosystems place high demands on the flexibility and integration potential of your IT. Here, open banking is an absolute must.