claims management

new technologies

Claims management offers considerable optimisation potential for the insurance industry. Increasing digitalisation offers opportunities to reorganise and optimise processes at the interfaces to third parties (craftsmen, lawyers, workshops). Data mining and novel technologies provide support in the area of fraud protection and the settlement of claims.


strengthening customer relationships and reducing expenses

With an average claims ratio of more than 100 % in some lines of business, the question of active claims management arises in the same way as in the automotive segment. Simply optimising internal processes and interfaces with partners has also been neglected for a long time. However, it is important to remember that the damage event represents the "moment of truth" for most policyholders. It must therefore be handled in line with customer expectations. We offer you support in this area with our technical and methodological expertise combined with our project experience.


plenum optimises claims management processes in three stages, which are tried and tested in practice and improved on an ongoing basis. Together, we examine claims processing in a standardised manner in order to identify the fields where action is required.

Claims processing is examined in a standardised manner and evaluated according to stringent criteria. Here, state-of-the-art methods of analysis and best practices are used as benchmarks.

Process optimisation requires the benchmarking of existing procedures and processes. Take advantage of our industry know-how and methodological expertise to ensure realistic claims processing that is fit for the future using tried-and-tested methods.

Take advantage of our knowledge and overview of the market to gain new guiding principles and visions for your claims management of the future!

Together, we optimise existing processes in claims handling and design new processes to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digitalisation. We integrate third parties (workshops, craftsmen, etc.) into existing process chains to bind your customers even more strongly to your company.

Big Data, AI and blockchain offer new approaches to improve fraud detection and provide faster customer support while reducing the incentives for misconduct. Together, we can make your collective fit for the digital future.