process mining & rpa

Process mining & RPA is the key to success and an important building block of any digitalisation strategy. The automation of processes increases efficiency and secures your competitive edge.

process mining & robotic process automation (rpa)

Competition for customers is increasingly intensifying in the age of digitalisation. This is compounded by the fact that customer loyalty is continuously decreasing as the affinity for the internet grows with each generation. Customer expectations of the customer journey, on the other hand, are constantly increasing. Today, digital customers expect fast and smooth-running processes. Traditional providers with rather conservative structures and frequently outdated technology have enormous catch-up potential to defend their market position. Process mining and the use of RPA help you to identify potential for improvement in processes in a fast and automated manner.


process mining - the technology of the future

Where are the potentials for improvement within your processes? How stable are your processes, and what are their lead times? Process mining provides answers to these and similar questions. It represents the technology of the future in process management, and enables your business processes to be reconstructed and evaluated on the basis of digital traces in IT systems. This makes it possible to harmonise processes across different organisational units and companies, thereby optimising your processes in terms of lead times, process costs and process stability, and ensuring compliance with requirements.

rpa - applying process automation correctly

Everyone is talking about automation and digitalisation, but what exactly is meant by this? Automation often falls short as our clients only consider part of their value chain. We analyse the entire value chain, from the requests of customers to a solution to their problem. "The key to success is therefore taking an end-to-end view of business processes, and not the partial optimisation of these processes," explains Stephan Schmid, Managing Partner at plenum AG. "Robotics can prove useful here, but it is only one technology among many. All considerations should begin reflecting - only then should technologies be deployed if necessary. Last but not least, the rather boring standard processes are a good starting point for applying robotics."

our consulting offer

Process mining in combination with RPA is an essential lever for simplifying your business processes. It also enables you to meet the demands of your customers for simple, fast and digital processes. This is where our expertise lies! Our experienced consultants understand the trends, keep in touch with key product and solution providers and lead you into the future.

We use modern process mining tools (e.g. UiPath, Celonis, etc.) to analyse your processes during live operations. We identify process bottlenecks, process loops and similar inefficiencies in your business processes in real time and examine their causes. Based on these findings, we initiate systematic measures to improve your processes.


You can make use of RPA as part of your process excellence to increase efficiency and thus profitability by automating processes. To this end, we closely examine your business processes and systems and identify media discontinuities as well as inefficiencies. Together, we model your digital, forward-looking business processes and set them live. But that is not all: with RPA, we also delegate your "boring processes" to robots where appropriate. This increases the satisfaction of your employees by making their workplaces more attractive.