Sustainable action always requires the conscious assessment of the long-term consequences from various perspectives - before taking action. A holistic view of your organisation within its environment can prove helpful here

our perspective on sustainability

We view sustainability as a holistic issue that affects the entire organisation. In this, we always think of sustainability along three dimensions: environmental, social and governance. Our work is guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In our consulting practice, this means understanding the organisation as a whole and locating sustainability in all relevant areas.

key consulting areas

We analyse all areas of the organisation and collaborate with you to develop a basis for further decisions. Irrespective of whether you wish to integrate sustainability within the framework of reporting, the value chain, governance and management systems or other fields. In the process, we are able to scale our approach, from local projects to organisation-wide programmes, at any time.

The political target of achieving climate neutrality by the middle of the century is likely to be irreversible - this will entail upheavals for both the energy and mobility sectors that are tantamount to open-heart surgery on entrepreneurial business models. Against this backdrop, a green flight, in the sense of proactively anticipating these change dynamics, seems to be the smartest way forward in terms of perspective. If you are as thrilled about this transformation process as we are, please feel free to contact us to discuss the best approaches to sustainable business development.

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For financial service providers, sustainability is an important topic and will become even more significant in the future. In addition to the demands of the market, such as green financial products and greater transparency, sustainability has also increasingly become the focus of supervisory bodies. We would like to help you to establish sustainability within your organisation. Feel free to contact us about our profile of topics.

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The increasing regulatory requirements in the area of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) make it necessary for insurers to deal with this complex set of topics in its entirety. We help you to identify, prioritise and implement upcoming challenges in various value creation stages and business areas.

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