process advisory

Efficient end-to-end processes supported by state-of-the-art technology are, and will remain, a key determinant of corporate success.

understood process automation correctly?

Everyone is talking about automation and digitalisation, but what exactly is meant by this? Automation often falls short as our clients only consider part of their value chain. Our process advisory approach looks at the entire value chain, starting with the request of the customer and ending with a solution to the problem. "The key to success is therefore taking an end-to-end view of  business processes, and not the partial optimisation of these processes," explains Stephan Schmid, Managing Partner at plenum AG. "Robotics can prove useful here, but it is only one technology among many. All considerations should begin with reflecting – only then should technologies be deployed if necessary. Finally, the rather boring standard processes are a good starting point for applying robotics."


our approach

The importance of organisational flexibility and cost efficiency in corporate processes is growing, not least due to increasing competitive and cost pressure. This is the only way to achieve sustainable business success. At the same time, innovative services and technologies are continuously providing new solution options and thus creating additional potential for improvement.

As one of our areas of competence, process advisory includes the optimisation of all management, value creation and support processes in order to achieve your business objectives. Value chains are breaking apart more and more, and the availability of innovative services is steadily increasing. Therefore, questions of cross-company cooperation, for instance in sourcing, are a fundamental component of this field of competence. We also focus on the design and implementation of changes with the help of suitable technologies and methods such as workflows or robotics.

Our approach is based on traditional management techniques such as Lean, TQM, Six Sigma and CIP. We take a holistic view of people, organisations, technology, the capabilities of a company and beyond.

We can draw on a wealth of experience in the application of modern optimisation methods. We bundle our knowledge of service markets and experience with a multitude of change projects into a solid pool of 'good practices'. Together with our clients, we can efficiently analyse structures on this basis and define and implement solutions tailored to each situation to improve your organisation.

project management excellence

Against the backdrop of complex interdependencies and scarce resources, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure the pinpointed delivery of results in projects and project portfolios. Budget overruns and deadline deferrals are commonplace. We help you to master the complex demands of projects using our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques within the framework of our Project Management Excellence.