sustainability concepts

For a strategic approach, we develop concepts in the field of entrepreneurial sustainability together with our customers.

concepts for sustainability

When developing an individual sustainability concept, we always integrate relevant perspectives and fundamentals from science and business practice, depending on the industry and business model of our customers.

Three recognized concepts, which also serve as the basis for our work, are the following:

  • ESG from finance
  • Triple Bottom Line (environmental, social, and economic)
  • Sustainable Development Goals of the UN

On this basis, we ensure that we not only look at the organization as a whole and locate sustainability in all relevant areas, but also consider how the organization affects its direct and indirect environment and how the environment affects the organization (inside-out, outside-in).

concepts for sustainability

We work together with you to develop a concept tailored to your organization and your needs in order to integrate sustainability throughout the organization.

electrification concept

Fossil fuels are finite. Processes must therefore be further developed to primarily use electricity, because this can be generated sustainably.

decarbonization concept

In addition to using green energies, decarbonization means optimizing processes in such a way that they consume less electricity and produce less CO2 from the outset.

mobility concept

New forms of mobility not only play a role in environmental protection, but also have a major impact on employer attractiveness.

social sustainability

The social imapct of companies is becoming increasingly important. E.g. it is important to become more diverse and to increase equal opportunities for all employees.