sustainability among financial providers

Working in an economically sustainable way is the basis of every successful organisation. However, implementing sustainability with respect to the environment, social welfare and governance in the organisation as a whole is a major challenge.

sustainability is an overarching issue for financial service providers

To be implemented effectively, sustainability has to be understood on multiple levels. We are happy to offer support to suppliers and service providers across their entire value chain, from information and risk management systems to product development and customer journeys. Similarly, the positioning of your organisation with regard to sustainability also needs to be examined.


our mission

We are committed to analysing your organisation and helping you gain an understanding of where and how to implement sustainability. Furthermore, we support you in the realisation of various sustainability elements in the following areas:

  • strategy incl. sustainability strategy and governance
  • information technology
  • product management
  • loan management incl. subsidies
  • risk management incl. stress testing
  • reporting incl. sustainability reporting

Our contacts will be happy to explain our approach to you in more detail. Please feel free to contact us.


your benefit

You can benefit from our consulting services on several levels. We make your goals our own and support you in identifying and successfully implementing the potential and opportunities of sustainability for your company. We have a holistic view of the sustainability goals of the EU and the UN:

  • successfully developing new business areas
  • implementing and expanding non-financial reporting within your company
  • supervisory compliance with current sustainability requirements



Sustainability has to be implemented in various organisational areas - not only at the level of strategies and guidelines, but also with respect to process organisation. 


Risk management

Within risk management, we offer consulting services ranging from the creation of a sustainability/risk strategy, risk inventory, data management, rating procedures and ICAAP requirements to internal and external reporting.


For banks, IT has become more than just an internal service. Sustainability within IT must be thought of more broadly than just saving electricity - we can help you with this.


Reporting at the internal and external as well as regulatory and non-regulatory levels must be prepared for the topic of sustainability. We offer you support with the implementation, analysis and preparation.