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Our hub for streamlined coordination, aligning resources and strategies and propelling successful transformation.

your unique pathway to achievement

Our proposal is tailored to align seamlessly with your program approach, eliminating administrative complexities and yielding substantial benefits. You can anticipate streamlined project management processes, heightened transparency and the integration of data-driven insights. Collectively enhancing your organisations initiatives toward resounding success. 

With our customized way, you will experience not only operational efficiency but also the empowerment to make strategic decisions rooted in comprehensive, real-time information. We are dedicated to ensuring that your journey towards achievement is optimized, impactful and powered by deep transformative knowledge.  

challenges to face

organizational silos

Organizational silos can create obstacles for change management, as they often lead to poor communication and collaboration among teams, slowing down the transformation process.

risk-averse culture

A risk-averse culture within a company can impede change management by discouraging innovative approaches and making it challenging to adapt to new strategies.

digital skills gaps

Digital skills gaps in employees can slow down a company's transformation process and hinder its ability to adapt to changes effectively.

"Unlock success with our comprehensive services offering access to cutting-edge program management practices, PMO 4.0 for real-time transparency, and SAP insights empowering proactive decision making.”

Anton Vogeley | Senior Manager

our areas of expertise

project management

The application of advanced PMO 4.0 principles enables agile, transparent, and highly efficient project execution, optimizing your projects in every phase.

transformation enablement

Our Transformation Enablement Team offers expertise in Change Management, Case for Change, and specialized 'Train the Trainer.


From brainstorming to UI development, we create intuitive user interfaces and encourage your active participation in the creative journey of transformation.

our solutions

Our offering for scope and change control in a transformation process provides a structured framework to define and manage project boundaries, ensuring clear alignment with desired outcomes. By incorporating a robust change management strategy, we enable seamless adaptation to evolving requirements.  

Experience enhanced project success with hybrid methodology: seamlessly integrating SAP Activate, Scrum and PMI, this innovative blend optimizes project efficiency, adaptability and value delivery, catering to a range of project requirements effectively. Our methodology provides a flexible and adaptive approach that combines the strengths of different methodologies. 

Our comprehensive program planning services encompass meticulous project analysis, resource allocation, timeline optimization, and stakeholder engagement, ensuring the seamless execution of your initiatives from inception to completion. 

Our solution streamlines and enhances the transformation process, ensuring that organizations can effectively identify, quantify, and realize the full spectrum of benefits arising from their strategic initiatives, resulting in optimized outcomes and sustainable growth. 

Our program reporting offering in a transformation process delivers comprehensive and insightful reporting mechanisms that track project progress, milestones, and key performance indicators. This facilitates informed decision-making and transparency at every stage of the transformation.  

Our license & contract management process establishes a comprehensive framework for efficiently managing licenses, contracts, and vendor relationships to ensure compliance, optimize costs, and mitigate risks. This helps streamline operations and enhance the overall transformation process.  

Our offering for risk and issue management in a transformation process establishes a proactive framework to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks and issues that may arise during the course of the initiative. This ensures timely resolution and minimizes disruptions, ultimately enhancing the success of the transformation.  

Our knowledge management offering in a transformation process establishes a structured approach to capture, organize, and disseminate critical knowledge and insights gained throughout the initiative. This ensures that valuable information is preserved, shared, and leveraged to drive continuous improvement and informed decision-making. 

Our quality management process establishes rigorous standards and processes to monitor, assess, and enhance the quality of deliverables and outcomes throughout the initiative. This ensures that the transformation objectives are met with the highest level of excellence.  

Our financial modelling offering delivers a robust and dynamic financial framework that assesses the potential impact of the transformation on various aspects of your organization. This includes projected costs, revenue streams, ROI, and financial feasibility, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.  

Our delivery tracing and assurance process provides a systematic approach to track and verify the successful execution of project deliverables and milestones, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and timely completion. This enables transparent monitoring and proactive intervention to ensure a successful transformation.  

Our Resource Management provides a structured approach to efficiently allocate and optimize resources, including personnel, equipment, IT and facilities, to support the successful execution of the initiative. This ensures that the right resources are available at the right time, enhancing the overall transformation process.  

our other competencies

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