securities business

However well the markets are performing: the sources of income for end-customer providers and servicers are changing and becoming more fragile. Which online offer should I make to my clients? Which technology components of my securities service structure are merely bridging the gap until blockchain is introduced?

plenum in the securities business

Global information and transactions, strongly tiered supplier structures, a high degree of automation: this is what today's securities business looks like. The technical-organisational side of the business requires similar skills and management techniques as are common in the industrial sector. So let's get going!

In no other banking segment is it so important for your consultant to understand the technicalities as it is in the securities business. We provide this knowledge.

End-customer providers, from private banking to brokers for everyone, are faced with these questions: How can I create a positive online customer experience with a limited budget? How can I customise my services to offer everything that is important to my target group while avoiding manual “exotic” processes? How can I organise my servicer structure to avoid handing over all revenues to my providers?

Servicers and back office managers feel the cost pressure of their clients. Does the old rule ''If you invest, you lose'' still apply today? Given automation rates that are already very high, where is the next efficiency increase going to come from?


With plenum, you can find and implement answers tailored to your organisation. We combine securities know-how with the methods of other digitally driven industries to help you achieve your goals.