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Experience data-driven efficiency and innovation with our ERP solutions. Optimize, enhance and elevate your business performances.

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Our ERP offer is tailored to align with your program approach, effectively minimizing administrative burdens while delivering serious added value. Experience the complete realization of your business's capabilities and benefit from advanced tools while achieving a unified target architecture for ERP systems. Furthermore, our ERP solution transcends traditional boundaries, fostering an ecosystem where data flows seamlessly and insights flourish.

With us user-centric design, our offer ensures intuitive navigation and empowers your teams to extract actionable insights effortlessly. Witness increased collaboration, streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity as our ERP elevates your organisation’s efficiency to unprecedented levels. 

challenges to face

data migration

Data migration to a new ERP platform can be intricate, demanding precision and completeness to avert operational disruptions.


Integrating ERP systems demands substantial effort, especially when dealing with outdated or heavily customized systems in businesses.

change management

ERP implementation initiates transformative operational changes, posing significant challenges for change-resistant employees.

"Maximize your business potential with our end-to-end SAP and S/4HANA implementation, empowered by innovative tools and seamlessly integrated ERP systems across industry-leading platforms."

Samrat Mukhapadhyay | Senior Manager

our areas of expertise


Our dedicated ERP team provides comprehensive solutions with SAP modules and integrations for optimized processes and performance.

BI & analytics

Our BI and Analytics team utilizes SAP BTP and SAC, agile methodologies, as well as ML and NLP for data-driven decision-making and growth.


Our platform experts assist clients with cloud migrations, ERP selection, and licensing for optimized workflows and growth.

our solutions

Our Advanced Data Analysis | SAP Cloud offering provides a comprehensive solution for data visualization, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. This offering empowers your organization to gain valuable insights from data, make informed decisions, and drive transformative outcomes.  

Experience enhanced project success with hybrid methodology: seamlessly integrating SAP Activate, Scrum and PMI, this innovative blend optimizes project efficiency, adaptability and value delivery, catering to a range of project requirements effectively. Our methodology provides a flexible and adaptive approach that combines the strengths of different methodologies. 

Our S/4HANA Impact Assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of the potential impact and benefits of migrating to SAP S/4HANA. This assessment enables informed decision-making and planning for a successful transition, ensuring that your organization maximizes the value of this transformation.  

Our Implementation Plan for migration (brownfield, greenfield, or in-between) provides a detailed roadmap for a successful migration to a new system or environment. This plan outlines the steps, resources, and timelines required for a smooth transition while considering the specific migration approach chosen (brownfield, greenfield, or in-between).  

Our Value Navigator process is focused on identifying, measuring, and maximizing the value generated by the transformation initiative. It is responsible for tracking key performance indicators, analyzing data, and providing actionable insights to ensure that the transformation aligns with strategic goals and delivers optimal outcomes.  

Our Efforts and Estimate Tool provides a specialized tool that facilitates accurate estimation of resources, time, and costs required for the successful execution of the transformation initiative. This tool enables informed decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and realistic planning to achieve desired outcomes.  

Our MDM (Master Data Management) / MDG (Master Data Governance) offering provides a strategic approach to ensuring accurate, consistent, and reliable master data within your company. This offering includes the implementation of MDM solutions such as SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) to enhance data quality, support compliance, and drive successful transformation initiatives.

Our POV (Proof of Value) and POC (Proof of Concept) for Platform Transformation provides a structured approach to validate the feasibility, benefits, and potential challenges of migrating to a new platform. Through these proofs, we assess the platform's capabilities, scalability, and alignment with your goals, ensuring a successful transformation.  

Our Knowledge Management and Training offering provides a comprehensive approach to capture, organize, and share critical knowledge while delivering effective training to ensure smooth adoption of new processes and technologies. This offering empowers your workforce with the information and skills needed for a successful transformation.  

Our Technical Project Tools provide a suite of specialized tools and software designed to streamline technical project management, enhance collaboration, and optimize workflows. These tools are tailored to support the specific needs of your transformation initiative, ensuring efficient execution and successful outcomes.  

Our RICEFW (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, and Workflows) provides a comprehensive approach to managing and executing critical components of a technical project, ensuring a successful transformation. RICEFW encompasses a range of activities including developing custom reports, integrating systems, converting data, enhancing functionalities, creating forms, and establishing workflows.  

Our Business Scenario Recommendation offering provides strategic guidance and insights to help identify and prioritize key business scenarios that will drive maximum value and impact during the transformation. This offering ensures that your transformation efforts are focused on the most relevant and beneficial areas of your organization. 

our other competencies

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