digital governance, risk & compliance

With the digital transformation, the control of information technology is becoming increasingly important, particularly with regard to the risks arising from its use.

performance of duties

Digitalisation is leading to much more significant information risks. Data protection must be complied with, the service offering must be designed to be failure-proof, and the security of information processing must be guaranteed.


This has also been recognised by legislators, who are increasingly regulating the use of information technology in order to reduce the risks of digitalisation and make them more manageable.

However, contrary to regulators' intention to develop and implement individual approaches to risk management in line with the requirements, companies are only aiming for compliance. What is required, is done. No more, no less.

The result is a patchwork of regulations that is inefficient and not very effective overall.


taking control

Successful digital transformation is not only based on innovative ideas and the clever use of technology, but also on the overall management of opportunities and risks. The added value created by digital services must be tracked, and the efficiency of the value chain must be monitored. This is crucial for determining whether your company will lead digitalisation or lag behind.

Trustworthiness, however, is the most important factor for the lasting success of digitalisation. Suppliers, partners and customers, in particular, must be able to trust in the quality and security of digital services. This can only be achieved if your company confronts the risks arising from digitalisation and actively manages them. Compliance then occurs (almost) automatically.

our topics

We collaborate with you to develop powerful governance for your digital transformation. Together, we ensure that not only regulators, but also your stakeholders can trust you.


information security

We establish and optimise your ISMS and develop appropriate protection measures with you, based on established standards such as ISO 27001 and IT-Grundschutz.

business continuity management

With an effective BCM based on ISO 22301, we ensure that emergencies or serious disruptions do not drive your company into a crisis.

data protection

With effective data protection management, we support you in efficiently implementing the complex requirements of data protection (GDPR) and avoiding fines.

compliance management

We support you in complying with the requirements for the management of IT risks, and collaborate with you to ensure that your strategic objectives are also taken into account.

identity & access management

Through effective authorisation management, we collaborate with you to ensure that only authorised persons are able to interact with data and systems - and no one else.

integrated management systems

We interlink your management systems for information security, data protection, outsourcing and business continuity into an efficient whole.


In the course of digitalisation, the effective management of IT continues to gain in importance. Structures are required that manage benefits, costs and risks in equal measure.

outsourcing compliance

Effective outsourcing management ensures that you remain in control of your sourcing ecosystem, comply with regulatory requirements and minimise risks.