digital advisory

Digitalisation creates risks and opportunities; winning and losing are on a knife's edge. The digital capabilities of a company are what make all the difference.

Anyone can start a digitalisation project; the real challenge is to implement it successfully and derive value from it.

Result of a survey conducted among leading decision-makers in our client companies


76 % of customers lack an overview of all digital initiatives and their value contributions to the company


83 % struggle to introduce digital services in production and scale them


71 % worry that they will not be able to achieve a comprehensive transformation of their workforce and their organisation


91 % of clients admit that they do not have a complete overview of the risks of digitalisation and manage them insufficiently

built on sand

Design Thinking and Scrum are quickly tested, and new digital units are rapidly set up. However, the rest of the organisation is left behind as the interplay of the new and the conventional does not work.
In many cases, even the simple basics are lacking. Strategic management of value contributions, costs, risks and investments is missing. The company has neither a consistent vision nor a stringent operating model.
Moreover, the maturity levels of processes in development and production fall far short of what is required. As a consequence, compliance and security risks increase and not only jeopardise the digital transformation, but also the entire enterprise.



digital capabilities

The key to a company's success is its digital capabilities, their maturity levels and the effectiveness of their interaction. We therefore collaborate with our clients to determine precisely which capabilities they need - tomorrow and beyond. And we show them in no uncertain terms what homework needs to be done in order to create a stable foundation for their digital transformation.

And why do our clients put their trust in us? The answer is simple: because we bring 30 years of experience and an exceedingly wide range of competencies to the table. And because we offer each client support tailored to their status quo.

Key consulting areas

We address all questions relating to digitalisation. We provide more extensive and in-depth support than traditional consultancies, agencies or auditors can offer.  We develop strategies and drive forward your company. We ensure that innovations are created and introduced in production. And that your customers can trust you.

Develop your digital strategy and roadmap, embed them in a consistent vision for your organisation and ensure a successful digital transformation of your business.

Create spaces for innovation and improvement, develop, scale and produce compelling digital services and ensure an optimal supply of resources, today and tomorrow.

Steer your company through all relevant dimensions of digitalisation and guarantee trustworthy digital services in terms of continuity, data protection and security.