Continuous regulatory changes, new customer demands and digitalisation pressure will determine the future of insurance.

changed framework conditions

New competitors, some of them from outside the industry, are pushing into the market with innovative products, or are increasing market transparency, which further intensifies competition. Insurance sales in connection with other products and services in particular bear the risk of rapid and significant market changes. At the same time, low interest rates and claims have a negative impact on earnings. Costs can only be optimised with greater automation and digitalisation.


value creation 4.0

Only very few insurers manage to operate successfully on the market under these conditions. This requires focused sales of products that are close to the market as well as an agile and modern process and IT platform tailored to the business model. The interplay of the business model and the process and IT landscape is the most important factor of success. Use our experience at the interface of business and IT for your success!

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