Telecommunications is a key success factor for energy providers.

5g and fibre optic networks have already arrived

While data volumes are rapidly growing, the demands on speed and security in data networks are constantly increasing.


This calls for new processes and technologies as well as an enhanced infrastructure. For this reason, the telecommunications industry is currently in a strong growth phase. The Gigabit Society is seen as an opportunity, and digitalisation as a challenge. Energy providers are benefiting from this.

5G is under development, the market is growing rapidly, and the number of locations is continuously increasing. Future expansion scenarios will differ significantly from the structures known today. The prompt initiation of the 5G expansion will make a significant contribution to safeguarding the future of municipal utilities and energy providers.


new opportunities are emerging

As the basis of a sustainable and future-proof solution for reliable broadband supply, 5G and fibre optic networks already represent the most important elements of municipal services of general interest. Municipalities, public utilities and energy providers meet the prerequisites to enter this market and reliably provide public infrastructure as a new business segment. In this way, they are able to secure existing regional competitive advantages and enable companies and citizens in their regions to participate in the Gigabit Society.

our offer

In order to successfully implement 5G, the requisite business and organisational models must be analysed and new competences identified within a very short timeframe.

Future products and their pricing systems must be defined at an early stage. Dynamic proofs of concept must be carried out for the different variants. Let us develop or refine your product strategy together so that we can assess its feasibility in parallel to ensure its market success.

The sales organisation is responsible for implementing the product and pricing strategy. High performers in the industry meet present-day customer demands by working intelligently with new technical solutions, and thus conform to the new requirements. To ensure that they are able to operate in this challenging environment, we reflect on which digital solution is both useful and feasible.

The intermediate goal of ensuring widespread availability of high-speed broadband connections (>100 Mbit/s) throughout Germany will be achieved in the foreseeable future. For this alone, more than 10 billion euros are to be spent in the coming years. Do not let this digital opportunity pass you by.  We are happy to make you active participants and explore your individual options with you.

The successful roll-out of 5G is the most important lever for the continued advancement of digitalisation. Providing the infrastructure for this new technology guarantees its operators high-margin growth. Drawing on general or even specific use cases, taking into account the respective framework conditions, we evaluate your individual prospects of success.