sustainable energy & mobility

Shaping the future responsibly: greater sustainability slows climate change and increases social and economic security for both the population and businesses.

sustainability has the highest priority

The political target of achieving climate neutrality by the middle of the century is likely to be irreversible - this will entail upheavals for both the energy and mobility sectors that are tantamount to open-heart surgery on entrepreneurial business models.

Against this backdrop, a green flight, in the sense of proactively anticipating these change dynamics, seems to be the smartest way forward in terms of perspective. If you are as thrilled about this transformation process as we are, please feel free to contact us to discuss the best approaches to sustainable business development.


your partner for greater sustainability

We offer you specific advice in the area of sustainability and support the development of sustainable businesses in all three areas: environmental/climate protection, social welfare and economic efficiency. A thorough quick check helps you to determine the status of your company in terms of sustainability and to derive concrete measures to improve the achievement of your goals. We provide you with information on current regulations and topics in the field of sustainability that are of relevance to your company. In addition, we assist you as a competent partner in the development of sustainability strategies and goals, and support you in reporting on the progress you have made so far.

our offer

To shape the future responsibly, three sustainability issues must be addressed: environmental/climate protection, social welfare and economic efficiency. With our range of services, we are able to provide you with immediate assistance on your journey towards sustainable development in various business areas.

The future of the energy industry lies in sustainability. You can only move forward if you know where you stand and what you can, and must, do to reach your sustainability strategy and goals. Our quick check explores all three pillars of sustainability. It gives you an indispensable overview of where your company stands in terms of sustainability.


Both customers and employees are placing increasing importance on the topic of sustainability. As a result, sustainability reporting and other internal and external publications are becoming more significant. As competent partners, we help you to create this transparency by means of KPIs.


What is your strategy in the area of sustainability? In addition to creating transparency by preparing a report, you need a clear sustainability vision as an important benchmark. We support you in defining clear goals and firmly anchoring the derived values in your overall corporate strategy.