renewable energies & decarbonisation

We pave the way to sustainable decarbonisation by providing competent support in the implementation of business models, cooperative ventures, partnerships and products.

driving forward the energy transition

Under the new climate protection law passed in May 2021, Germany is required to cut greenhouse gases by at least 65 % (instead of the 55 %) by 2030 compared to the 1990 baseline. Greenhouse gas neutrality must be realised as early as 2045 ( instead of 2050). Numerous businesses have set themselves ambitious targets and wish to convert their generation and supply portfolios to sustainable and CO2-neutral energy.


In addition to solar and wind energy, hydrogen is playing an increasingly important role with regard to CO2 neutrality. Strategic decisions at a national and international level as well as subsidies are setting the framework for far-reaching investments in the hydrogen economy. 


establishing new paths

We are happy to explore new avenues with you! The market is in a state of flux; with our holistic consulting approach, we can help you to align your corporate and market strategy with renewable energies in general, and with the hydrogen economy in particular. In addition to complying with the applicable regulatory framework, taking into account profitability considerations, we will collaborate with you to perform a comprehensive analysis of the required technologies and to examine appropriate partnerships. Hydrogen plays an important role in this context, and every organisation should pay particular attention to the entire hydrogen value chain. Moreover, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are playing an increasingly decisive role in the expansion of renewable energies, and thus also in procurement and marketing.


our offer

We can assist you in the expansion of renewable energies. This begins with the development of expansion strategies, assessments of potential and the search for suitable locations and strong partnerships. We support you with tailor-made concepts, no matter which renewable energy source you are considering.

The development of expansion strategies, the assessment of potential as well as the search for locations and partners are the focus of our attention. In concept studies of the expansion of renewable energy generation conducted on behalf of energy providers, we examine both second-life concepts for solar, wind and bioenergy as well as new projects falling within and outside the Renewable Energy Act (EEG).


PPAs enable new ways of procuring and marketing renewable energy. As a result, more and more wind farms and solar plants are being built without EEG subsidies. We provide you with an overview of the various types of PPAs and collaborate with you to find the right partner for your organisation.


An assessment of regional and supra-regional market trends and opportunities for market entry are crucial for future-oriented providers, particularly in the hydrogen sector. The development of sustainable business models as well as technical and economic evaluations are topics with which we are happy to offer you support as a sparring partner.


Decarbonisation requires the entire value chain to be considered, from generation, transport and storage and their optimisation to sales applications. It is only by observing and taking into account all these factors in their entirety that maximum success can be achieved. We are happy to support you in this process as an implementation partner on an equal footing.

The demand for CO2 neutrality requires fossil fuels to be replaced by renewable gas and oil. Biomethane, liquid biofuels and hydrogen will in future play a central role in this regard. In order to appropriately address the upcoming challenges, we recommend assessing available subsidy mechanisms.