business and corporate strategy

Today, a strategy is more than just recognising trends and developments. Success is not static and cannot be defined in the long term. How capable and willing are you to change?

the energy industry is a driver and is being driven

What motivates companies in the energy industry to ask strategic questions, which yesterday focused on the energy transition, consolidation and decarbonisation?

The market shakeout is ongoing, the market has been restructured by the reorganisation of large energy supply companies in Germany. Players from outside the sector are entering the market. The challenge is greater than ever: What issues are your customers concerned with today, how can you establish a unique position in the commodity business? How can you shape your company in order to inspire your employees to meet the needs of your customers while satisfying the increased demands placed on efficient processing and change? How can you master technological developments such as decentralised supply, sector coupling and much more besides? All this needs to be addressed in the face of ever-increasing regulatory requirements.


where is your focus?

A strategy means change! The environment determines the framework conditions, while you determine your ID and your footprint. Developments are occurring at a rapid pace - sustainability no longer just means greenwashing, while digitalisation involves more than just electronic processing. Customers and employees are all unique. The pandemic has imposed restrictions, but has also provided us with insights and opportunities!
Stay focused: we will help you identify the right topics to take a clear stance. We understand the framework conditions, and you know your strengths and areas for improvement. Together, we will find your focus: change begins in minds that are willing to change. Strategic goals for your company. Strategic focus for your business units. Operational focus for your employees.

our offer

Trends set the framework. We offer a wide range of services to define partial strategies for your company and business units. We will start with short analyses to identify your target direction. Are you already focused? We will guide your management teams in concretising your objectives. You wish to change? If so, we will start the change together.

We collaborate with you to develop operational roll-out plans for the concrete implementation of strategic measures across the entire spectrum: reorganisations and spin-offs, cost reduction and FTE dimensioning, market entry and exit, mergers and acquisitions.

In order to develop innovative business ideas, various processes have to be considered and supported: product design, identification of customer needs, technologies, sales expectations, pricing, competition and business planning. We can assist you in this and help you launch your next big idea on the market!

The energy industry is in a constant state of flux - sometimes the only company that survives is the one that dares to try something new. We offer you support in establishing and refining business models for generation and transport as well as with issues related to telecommunications, mobility and sales, to name but a few.

We support you in directing your organisation towards efficiency and adaptability. We also offer advice on the introduction and further development of working methods that lead to faster results and establish an error culture while keeping an eye on constantly evolving customer needs.