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We are change managers in the energy transition. Our consultants accompany you on your journey into the new future of energy supply.

plenum in the energy industry

The energy transition poses a challenge to the energy industry. Hitherto viable business systems are being revolutionised. The generation of power is being decarbonised, the transport impacted by long transmission routes of wind energy from the north to the south, and the distribution challenged by fed-in, decentrally generated electricity and the aspirations of e-mobility. At the same time, heat supplies are declining due to the improved insulation of buildings. There is more to be done than ever before.

For more than 30 years, plenum has been supporting the energy industry as a consulting partner with a strong implementation track record. Our clients range from the smallest municipal utilities to the largest suppliers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland along with their European subsidiaries.

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We understand the current business and ongoing challenges of the energy industry. At the same time, we are aware of the possibilities offered by digitalisation, robotics and other innovative solutions such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. By focusing on the interface between business and IT, we are the right partner for future-oriented municipal utilities and suppliers. Our consultants support our clients in making their realignment operational, ensuring that visions are transformed into resilient, reliable business processes that mobilise employees and guarantee companies sustainable economic success.


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plenum.bluberries is a change manager of the energy transition. Our consultants support companies on their journey into the new future of energy supply.

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