sustainability governance

The integration of sustainability into the governance structure of the company plays a central role in the long-term success of sustainability management

grown structures

In corporate practice, sustainability issues are often spread across the entire organization due to historical developments. 
Due to the early emergence of environmental management systems (such as ISO14001 or EMAS), quality management is also a frequent player in sustainability management.

Due to the current development of the Supply Chain Act, purchasing is also playing an increasingly important role in the subject area.

target setting

The first approaches to CSR engagement were usually set up within the framework of sponsoring activities and thus also anchored in corresponding departments. With the increasing importance of reporting, communication departments have also been held responsible for sustainability issues.

widespread governance approaches

The different governance approaches to integrating sustainability all have their advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to accompany you on the way to the structure that is best suited for your company.

sustainability nit

The first and simplest step in the area of governance is often the implementation of a sustainability unit.

chief sustainability officer

Anchoring sustainability in the top management level represents a great opportunity for successful integration throughout the company.

sustainability steering committee

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, the exchange with many departments is of great importance for successful integration.


Historically, sustainability has often been anchored in the communications department. In most cases, however, this is accompanied by a loss of leadership.