We are visionaries and innovators. Digitally driven, we increase your success. Together, we reach the (unknown) customers of each generation - including generation z.

why we do what we do

Digital innovations and an understanding of the (unknown) customer are essential prerequisites for establishing relevance and competitiveness on the market in the long term.

However, this is often not the case! Why?

lack of resources

Time constraints and insufficiently qualified staff represent the biggest obstacles.

lack of approaches

Innovative ideas may exist, but the appropriate tools for implementing them are lacking.

lack of innovation culture

Rigid structures and a wrong mindset conflict with change.

our misson

The plenum.unik mindset towards digital innovations helps established companies to reach the next required level of success.

Our Rapid Innovation approach ensures fast, tangible and result-oriented milestones. To this end, our interdisciplinary team at plenum.unik uses novel, market-tested and disruptive methods, considers the interests of the company and combines a wide range of perspectives. In addition, we can draw on 30 years of experience at plenum AG.

The goal of increasing the digital status of an established company is the absolute focus of our efforts!

disruptive! but how?

With our three-phase approach, we work in a structured manner and remain in close dialogue with our clients.

From brainstorming and prototyping to implementation, we mobilise our team with expertise and passion.

Regardless of whether an idea already exists or not, we can start in any phase, work on individual phases only, or guide you through the entire process for maximum innovative power.

1 goal in 3 phases

Our Rapid Innovation approach follows three phases: Rapid Creation, Rapid Validation and Rapid Transformation.


rapid creation

Rapid Creation is an explorative approach to developing innovative concepts and ideas for companies.

rapid validation

In the Rapid Validation phase, existing concepts are tested on the market (MVP) and their economic viability assessed so that an informed decision can be made.

rapid transformation

Rapid Transformation corresponds to the operational implementation of a validated concept.