digital strategy & architecture

Every change begins with a strategy and a clear vision. Only then can the digital transformation of your company be successful.

just do it?


Many of our clients have already embarked on their digital journey, but have so far had no lasting success. The reason: they have not questioned their business model. Their digitalisation projects: without strategic control. Digitised services: not integrated. And the digital transformation only generates feelings of uncertainty.


The fundamental problem is that the digital transformation is not supported by top management. In many places, digitalisation takes place alongside regular business; only an improvement of the status quo is allowed. Moreover, traditional IT observes the work of digitalisers with suspicion and draws attention to security and stability concerns. As a result, the initial euphoria fizzles out, and despite high investments, the company falls behind its competitors.


strategy is a process

However, success is achieved when strategy is understood as a process. The entire company is involved in this process, the strategy is discussed and questioned. And the results of the strategy process are implemented without compromise.

These consequences for the business model, project portfolio, architecture and organisation must not only be coordinated, but closely interlinked. This creates a continuous process in which, not least, the strategy itself is continually adjusted and further developed.

For us, strategy consulting is not just a matter of creating a document. We view our contribution, first and foremost, as initiating the strategy process and fostering the necessary skills among our clients.

our topics

We help you build the digital capabilities you need to develop integrated digital strategies.


digital naturity

Your digital maturity level is individually determined to identify the most urgent need for action within your competitive environment.

digital strategy

The digital strategy manifests your long-term orientation and structures your initiatives in a consistent digital roadmap.

business model management

Your business model is reviewed with regard to your competitive situation and systematically supplemented, expanded or transformed.

portfolio management

Your digital project portfolio is strategically aligned, optimised, professionally integrated and consistently managed.

digital architecture

The business architecture is brought into alignment with requirements in terms of flexibility, openness, scalability and security.

data management

The data budget and data governance of your company are further developed to form the foundation of your digital initiatives.

digital change

Your employees are made fit for the future and become the engine of change for your company.