Combining existing structures with new technologies and methods forms the basis for innovation, powerful development and stable, scalable production.

separate worlds

The dynamics of technical developments are often greater than the existing organisational framework can support. Your own organisation must therefore be made more dynamic and adaptable.


This means: creating networks instead of hierarchical structures, promoting new forms of cooperation as well as innovative approaches, and applying agile methods instead of just waterfall models. Only in this way can the organisation react swiftly to the challenging developments of digitalisation and sustain them. This applies to the overarching, strategic level as well as to every digitalisation measure, no matter how small.


digital throughout

Organisational adjustments are often underestimated. They take up a lot of time and are an enormous cost driver. This is all the more true if no holistic vision for a digital organisation has been created. In addition, there is a risk that companies focus too much on themselves instead of drawing on the experience, models and methods of other companies to learn how established structures can be transferred to a digital organisation. We are convinced that good consulting requires a comprehensive perspective - one that integrates innovation processes, agile development methods, customer-focused production practices and flexible sourcing, and thinks in digital terms throughout.

our topics

We have been supporting our clients with organisational change for many years. We design new processes, for instance on the basis of customer journeys, develop entire organisational structures for digitalisation or define new roles - from Community Manager to Chief Digital Officer. We build on your strengths and work with you to further develop your digital capabilities in a targeted manner.

digitale maturity

We examine and assess the capabilities of your company in the context of digital transformation, from which we derive recommendations for you.

digital innovation

We develop techniques and methods for the innovation of services, processes and business models and make them usable for you.

agile service & product development

We evaluate methods and principles of agile and scalable product development, tailor them to your individual circumstances and implement them.

digital workplaces & new work

We develop new models of cooperation in individual functional areas or throughout the company, provide the required infrastructure and support the implementation process.

digital delivery

We professionalise and further develop your production to make it an integral part of your digital value creation.

digital mindset & leadership

We put your attitude towards digitalisation and your understanding of leadership to the test, and support you in their modernisation.

ecosystems & value creation networks

We help you to optimally structure your ecosystem of suppliers and services along your value chain and to steer it effectively.

skill & people management

We conceptualise and manage your digital capabilities in terms of quality and quantity across internal and freelance staff as well as service providers.